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Training Week 1

October 25, 2017

The reason I decided to do this blog was to obviously share my experience with all of you but also to document my feelings and the challenges I go through week by week. Many people think all fitness competitions are the same, huge bodybuilders posing against each other on stage. Often times the first question I get after telling people I am currently training for a bikini competition is, “are you going to get huge and nasty?” 

I don’t see those competitors as huge and nasty I actually see thousands of hours of hard work and dedication. The feeling of success does not lie on whether or not the judges give you first place. The feeling of success comes from looking back on when you started and realizing how far you’ve come and how strong you were during the process. I’m not going to lie to you this shit is hard, but it’s not impossible. You just have to wake up one day and decide to do it. After you make that decision theres no turning back. This process takes ALOT of planning, scheduling, time management and just doing it. Putting everything you have into your workouts and even more so into your meals. One thing my trainer said to me that stuck was “we eat to grow here.” It may not always be the most flavorful tasty food but it’s exactly what your body needs at that moment. I know my road in this journey is long and i’ve only just begun but I am already so excited for what the end of the road looks like. As far as what my meals look like, the following are all foods I eat on a daily basis.

I eat every 2.5-3 hours. This part is so hard! Im constantly full and have to make time to make sure I eat my meal.  

– chicken breast

– salmon

-ground turkey



– raspberries



-white rice

-brown rice


– bagels



-olive oil, coconut oil, macadamia oil

– almond butter

– chia seed

-hemp seed

– lemon juice

– organic orange juice

-water lots and lots of water! 1.5 gallons a day

My meal plans will continue to change over the weeks but this is a general baseline for what they will look like. I workout with my trainer in the gym 3x a week for an hour. the other days I lift on my own, with a plan he has given me. On top of that I do 5 days of cardio a week for 35 minutes. Currently I am doing fasted cardio which means working out before I have eaten anything in the morning. We really focus on building booty, back and shoulders to get that hourglass shape. once I become more lean we will be able see the areas of my body that are stronger than others and more spot train where necessary.  

I feel so good right now! I already saw changes in my body after the first week. We’re barely into the second and I feel twice as good as I did last week. It’s crazy how quickly your body can change when you fuel it properly. I’m already tighter, leaner, stronger and most importantly more confident. On my initial check in I was 171lbs, right now I am 165lbs. It’s not all about numbers but in this situation its a great point of measurement. 

This weekend I am going to a friends competition in a nearby town and I can’t wait to see how these shows work! I’ll continue to update you guys as more changes happen. 


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