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Behind the Keyboard

I started this blog simply to share my story, to let people know who Claire is. However, It has evolved over the last few years into something a little more than that. I want to show and share with you, all of my tips & tricks, the should nots and would nots, the definitely’s and maybe’s, and all of the ins and outs I’ve learned in my 24 years on this earth. You’ll find travel inspo, where to go, when to go, and how to do it right. Fashion and beauty creativity. As well as anything and everything I am currently experiencing in my life. I’ll share it all. I’m an open book.

PSA: I do not stress over making my blog grammatically correct! There will be plentyyyyy of errors. Do not judge. I’m here to be real with ya and sometimes that means frequent run on sentences!!! Oh, & cursing, there will be curse words. LOL

A letter from the Editor

My middle name is Colette, my husband George gave me the nickname Lettey for short. The title Lettey Set Go combines my middle name and the saying “Ready Set Go.” Since I graduated college my life has been a combination of running around, living in multiple cities, and trying to find exactly what it is I wanted to do with my life. You could say I had one or two young “midlife crises.” A motto we try to live by at this point in our life is “just go with it,” and “wing it.” It’s so easy to get caught up in the seriousness of life, you get stressed out easily and forget to have fun along the way. We live everyday having fun and not worrying or getting anxious about the little things. Everything will work out exactly how it’s meant to. There is no book on “how to do life right” so make mistakes, learn and grow and have a hell of a time experiencing new things. Just like your parents told you when you first learned to ride a bike, or when you went off to college, Ready Set Go!


     - Xx Lettey

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