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Paris, France

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

I am blessed to have two of the most spontaneous friends in the world Kelsey and Erin . Two girls with the mentality “the more the merrier.” When I learned about their trip to Paris I was so excited for them and honestly couldn’t wait to see photos from their trip. These two wild things had another thing in mind for me. 


They call me about a week before their flights and “harassed” me into purchasing a plane ticket to join them for a week in Paris. Ik ik pull my arm sheesh. But really who plans a trip to Paris a week before they’re supposed to leave?! Uh, apparently this girl does. I’ve been crazily influenced by two girls with a wanderlust for travel and a desire for a good time. Who wouldn’t want in on that? I had no idea what I was doing, other than signing up for the trip of a lifetime. I’m always preaching about being spontaneous and living the life you’ve always wanted so hell I may as well practice it too! Paris i’m comin for ya!

Sweats: Top Shop

Luggage: Swissgear Target also carries this brand


I flew direct on French Bee from SFO to ORY Paris, took about 10hrs. We stayed 2 nights at Hotel De Londres Eiffel honestly we couldn’t have picked a better location in the heart of Paris. It took us 5 minutes to walk to the Eiffel tower and around every corner you could spot it peaking out between the rooftops and the clouds.


We spent the first night in the city at the Eiffel tower followed by dinner.



Dinner was a short Uber ride from the Eiffel Tower – La Coincidence food was amaze and staff was so friendly!


The next day we got up early, hopped on a Bird and explored Paris a little bit more. I had never been on a Bird prior to this trip but it was honestly one of my highlights from this trip. We were out earlier enough that not many people were on the streets or sidewalks so we could pretty much go where we pleased. Erin even did it in platform heels lol. Being so carefree, feeling the wind in our hair, having people laugh at us as we fly by, definitely memories to last forever. So pro tip!…. if you’re in Paris the Bird is a genius, inexpensive & convenient way to get around.

On our way to The Arc de Triomphe we stopped at this adorable little flower shop for a little rose bouquet. So romantic ik. Parked our Birds right outside and hopped back on without a care in the world!


Dress: Urban Outfitters couldn’t find the exact dress but linked some similar ones below


Jean Jacket: Target

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Shoes: Adidas not the exact same pair but very similar. Superstar Foundation


You gotta dodge the cars here! They keep you on your toes lolololol. The yellow ones don’t stop. 😉

real talk tho, some of my favorite photos from the trip were taken at this monument. 


After checking that off our tourist list we Birded to The Peninsula Hotel to indulge in some boojee tea time!



Two piece set: Pants Top

My favorite set, so comfortable and flattering. A photographs dream when you hit that movement just right!

Shoes: Steve Madden

classic hair tie on the wrist. why is it that all the photos I love I manage to have a ponytail holder on my wrist. Goodness.


This hotel should make it on your must see list. The design and detail inside and outside is unexplainable. Sure makes for a great place for photos! You’re never going to be overdressed here.

Up next the Louvre  one of the most iconic monuments in all of Paris and the worlds largest art museum.


Jeans: Mine are from The Impeccable Pig a few months ago. Here are a few similar styles    Great Heights Frayed Skinny Jeans Mom Jean Frayed Hem Original

Denim Jacket & sunnies: same, tagged earlier. ^^^

Shoes: FREEBIRD FAVORITE of all time! Invest! You wont regret it. I get more compliments on these shoes than anything I own.


Next on our list was the Colonnes de Buren, it is located in the inner courtyard of the Palais Royal. Another striking photo backdrop.


Dress: Wild Fable

Cardigan: Mines from Just Fab  also here are some similar ones      Old Navy Free People Lovers + Friends


sidewalk crepes- another must


Up and at em bright and early the next morning for a sunrise breakfast picnic! One of the most beautiful sights you will ever see is the sun rising and setting at the Eiffle Tower.

Hat: REVIVAL my favorite boutique in downtown Iowa City! This was a second hand piece thats no longer there but I will link some similar pieces. Brixton Urban Outfitters

another bonus of the hotel we stayed in was they provided us with this adorable picnic basket, and the bakery we got the donuts and pastries from was just around the corner! Such a great area.




This was one of my favorite things we did in the city. The streets are nearly empty the sun is just rising and you can take in the calm of Paris for two seconds. Sometimes the best moments are when you least expect them and when your soul can stop and pause and appreciate the beauty all around you. When on trips I always try to make mental notes of how I felt inside at specific geographical locations. The moments I seem to remember to most are either when i’m by myself  looking around or when the earth is at its quietest moment and I can watch it begin to turn on. I find myself saying “wow” out loud and deeply exhaling. A few seconds of appreciation for the exact moment I am living in. This world is a crazy beautiful place and one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the experience of travel.

Our last night while at dinner we received an invite to go to the 2018 Ryder Cup, an invitation we really couldn’t pass up! I know I keep saying we had a blast here and we had a blast there and this was my favorite and that was my favorite….. butttttt this realllyyyy was one of my favorite events. maybe because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and all of the pieces seemed to fall into place. Erin had a friend and business partner who was also going to the cup so we were able to take a car over with them. Once inside we bolted for the pro shop (you know we gotta get those golf souvenirs). Immensely picked over, we managed to make a few purchases. (except Erin, she bought the remainder of the store.) 2nd stop and probably second most important was the champagne tent!  Oh, and you could purchase bottles and just carry them around, I love golf. This isn’t your typical golf tournament where you’re being shhhhh’d at every hole, instead the pros and caddies pump their arms and hype up the crowd before a shot. The fan base is roughly males from the ages of 27-60 lol dressed in all sorts of goofy patterns and costumes. We were asked manyyyyyyy times if we were lost or why we were there LOL. We played along and had the most comical time. The Ryder cup 2020 is in Wisconsin, my neck of the woods so who knows we may just have to make this a thing and the three amigos tour to the Ryder Cup wherever it is.


Mickleson our guy!!! – also the one who left us tickets



Straight from the Ryder cup we went to the train station to head South toward Erin’s family’s “Chateau” or you can just call it a castle cause thats what I was calling it. I think it was about a 2hr train ride to Nevers. Welppppppp we were deep into girl talk and it was deep into the night and we forgot to get off at our stop soooooo we waited an extra 30 before we could get off at the next stop. LOL good one Kels! youre supposed to be the train pro! All worked out and we arrived at the Chateau Castle lol, I cant even type that without laughing. You’ll die! So beautiful.


Exploring the slower paced countryside is always more preferable for me than the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s nice to cross the monuments off your bucket-list and go to all the places but the most relaxed and calm and peaceful you will feel is when you’re away from it all. Taking in the ancient beauty and the landscape of the towns and countrysides that get overlooked by tourists everyday. Do me a favor, on your next trip to a big city, somewhere you’ve never been before, save a day to explore to slower side of things and get away from it all. Go watch the sunrise or sunset on a hilltop in the country or go stand on a bluff staring into the ocean without an obstruction in sight.

France I love you, Kels & Erin I love y’all too. Lets adventure again soon.

Xoxo Lettey

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