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Napa/ Yountville 2018

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

February 27th, 2018

Napa, Napa, Napa, if you have not been, you need to go! One of the most stunning places to visit in the United States. This was my special treat after competing in my first fitness competition. Sooooooo worth it after 4 months of no wine. George won parts of our trip from a 49ers event earlier in the year. As soon as he got it I knew when we were using it! LOL. We used this trip as our “vaca” for G finishing up his rookie season as well. 


I was so confused in the difference between Napa & Yountville. Honestly they’re just different names of wine country locations. I mean theres wine, great wine in both of them. Thats really all you need to know.  Napa is a larger city in Napa County and Yountville is a tiny town in Napa County. Yountville is centrally located in the heart of wine country. It has a small town feel and you can walk to almost all of the restaurants and shops in the area. From downtown Napa to Yountville its about a 15 minute drive. As far as accommodations, we stayed at The Vintage House Hotel in Yountville. I completely fell in love with this hotel! I mean the design and the decor was to die for. First of all, there was shiplap everywhere! The Joana Gaines inside of me was screaming! Also, I just found out while watching the latest episode of Total Bellas on E! that John and Nikki stayed at this same hotel while they were visiting Napa to make wedding plans. Who else hopes they get back together?! I just love them. Pull the episode up, it honestly looks like the exact same room we stayed in. If this hotel is top choice for reality TV royalty then you better get booking it. Please just do me a favor and click on the hotel link and scroll through the galleries. Lawd.


ok how can you not just die a little inside when you see this design!? I mean the old with the new, the white with the black the glam and the repurposed. They could not have done a better job with the beauty of this place. I want to move in!

I attached a little map of Yountville so you can get a better understanding of what it looks like. yountville town map


Gorgeous spa pool surrounded by cabanas and individual vintage hut houses. Too bad we went at the end of February and it wasn’t quite swimming season yet. 


Complimentary breakfast each morning in a separate building used for events most of the time. Again the design is breathtaking. a little, or a lot of exposed brick makes a girl happy. I mean everything looked like it was straight out of a magazine.


OUR ROOM!!!! I die. I honestly was at a loss for words as the bellhop opened our door. I have a whole room tour up on my instagram highlights under NAPA. actually it’s more like a whole Napa tour on my highlights lol.  


The view as we followed the bellhop to our room. The property was filled with these cute little separate huts all over. I assume the top floor is a room and the bottom floor is a room in each one, that’s how ours was. Again, darlinggggggg


egg chair. mine.


complimentary champagne like yesssssss. bottom photo is my mood because we hadn’t opened a bottle of wine yet. G come onnnnn 😉

Facetune-27-05-2018-13-59-19 (1)

a little Rapunzel esque up on these balconies not going to lie. I didn’t hate it. 


First thing we did when getting into town was check into the Spa Villagio for our 4 hour spa suite experience. La la la la la la laaaaaa! Spa Menu – here’s all they have to offer, good luck choosing! Mimosas offered upon arrival, the suite experience starts with a soak in the gorgeous hot tubs on the roof top deck of the spa building!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

oh ya- we each had our own hot tub. & the robes! My goodness, you know how excited you get when you’re at any old hotel and they have a robe and slippers for you?! Yeah well think about that experience x10000000. I chose a body wrap and a deep tissue massage and George chose a facial and a deep tissue massage. All of the services are performed with the both of you in the same room, right off the roof top deck.


my view tiptoeing over the edge of the rooftop

In between treatments while they were cleaning our room we waited in this cute little lobby with, yes, more champagne. I’m always mesmerized by the decor of these places and all the intricate little details that go into giving you the best experience possible. A little decor nerdy of me I know, but I don’t care.  


Fav champagne – local right down the street

Anddddddddd we had the most bomb lunch on top of our little roof deck after our treatments were over. We got to relax for over an hour on the roof to wrap up our day at the spa. 


BOMB am i right?! yeah, that’s avocado toast on steroids


Thanks hunnie for the best little vaca ever 

That night we went to dinner literally across the street from our hotel at Bouchon. George is obsessed with oysters so when we found out they had oysters we had to go. The staff was so friendly and accommodating they even had a sommelier, duh why wouldn’t they? It’s freaking Napa. I just love to pick their brain and find out new wine facts.


Deviled eggs are my jam


Theeeeee cutest little Tabasco bottle you’ve ever seen. Had to document it


Happy boy <3


i love going through this crazy fun life with you

The next morning we had our private wine tasting and tour at Silver Oak Cellars. Now don’t get me wrong I LOVED every bit of this trip but this was especially cool to me. We were shown around by a gentleman and he taught us all about the history of the winery and the entire process of how they make the wine. It’s fascinating really. If you’ve never been on any kind of wine tour you really need to. It gives you a new appreciation for the business and the wine itself. Not that I needed any further appreciation but ya know, why not.


The architecture & scenery was just gorgeous. However, we found out they don’t do weddings. booooooooo    ) :


okokokok now to the important part. These next few photos were two of my favorite wines from the day.


Twomey is Silver Oak’s sister winery


I think George became best friends with the gentlemen who were helping us. The three of them were talking each-others ear off. The gentlemen would be like “oh here, this is my favorite wine we carry.” “compare it to this one!” Then they started talking football and all was lost. But thats fine I just sat back and enjoyed my wine and chimed in when need be. lol


I really can’t get enough of this background! 


Thats a pretty damn good perfect day to me. After our tour and tasting we were starving so we found this cute little Italian inspired restaurant on the way back to the hotel called Redd Wood .


Any place with a meat and cheese board is my kind of place. 


The final event on our little getaway list was dinner at the famous Bottega restaurant. Get this, it was exactly right next to our hotel. Lol see I told you, you could pretty much walk everywhere you needed to.


I didn’t even take a photo of our food because we were so hungry and ate it so fast hahaha. Oops blogging fail. Oh well, you guys get the point we had a bomb ass trip and I have a feeling this is going to be an annual little get away. At least I hope. After all, we’re not going to be in California forever so may as well take advantage of all the beautiful places right!? Although, your girl could 100% live in Napa Valley for the rest of her life. Don’t talk to me, just get me a chalice and a view. LOL but really tho.

We topped the night off with some River Monsters and wine, duh. BEST. TRIP. EVER!

Napa, Yountville, wine… you have my heart.


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