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Moving to Tennessee

Updated: Jul 1, 2020


We have moved for the offseason! When George and I were discussing off season events and potential places to live, Nashville Tennessee seemed like a no brainer. I myself had never been to Nashville before but, I’m a country girl and have always had the desire to visit. George had been here on multiple occasions and always had a good time so we naturally jumped at the opportunity. What’s not to love about Nashville?! 


The cherry on top was the fact that George could train with two of his Niner teammates because they both were currently living in Tennessee. When you’re an offensive player in the NFL, one who runs routes and receives it is important for you to train with a quarterback and other offensive players in the off season. It was just a bonus that they all happen to be current teammates and know the same playbook. We had always thought of Tennessee as a possible option for us to settle down in and thought it would be smart to test the water before one day getting property of our own.

Don’t get me wrong we LOVE California, it’s just always nice to be a little closer to home not to mention rent isn’t nearly as expensive! LOL. The offseason is about relaxing and spending time with friends and family and doing things you wouldn’t have the time to do in season. Doing all of that on top of training of course! Training always comes number one but you have to take a little time off to rest your body and keep you sane.

I get comments a lot of times saying how cool it is that we move around so much and go to all these different cities for short periods of time. While its certainly is SUPER COOL, it is also pretty stressful and a little unrealistic with how today’s world is functioning. While everyone’s situation is different and I know we ultimately chose to go this route, it doesn’t mean it didn’t come without it’s challenges. Every year the final team roster doesn’t get decided until the first week of September, after all of the preseason games happen. This seems like a flawless way to do it from a management standpoint. But, if it’s your life and you’re living it, wayyyy different story. Because we “never know” if G will be on the team come September that literally means not moving back to California until September rolls around. Most likely the week of his first regular season game. Soooo until then we have our AIRBNB rented in Nashville until the end of July. We will move back to Iowa and he will go to camp beginning of August and I will stay in Iowa until September rolls around and we can make our next move. Next comes the difficult decision of signing a lease in California. We always have Super bowl hopes so we plan for that in advance. Sign a 6 month lease Sept-March at an exceptionally increased rent rate. Get all of our things we purchased (furniture, clothes, etc. ) from last year out of our storage unit. Ship our cars out and move whatever else we need to from Iowa. This means checking 5 or 6 bags because ya girl is not driving in a car for 30 hours one way from Iowa to California. Also, let’s hope our puppy is good with flying because that’s about to be quite the experiment!!!  I’m not complaining about any of this at all. I just wanted to be super transparent with you in explaining exactly how our lives work. Obviously in the future we hope to have the resources and means of owning our own home (in what city, I do not know) so that will cut back on all of the moving around. When we can finally “move out” of our parent’s homes and our storage units and quit signing 6 month leases, I will be so incredibly happy! But for now, I am embracing it and loving it and thanking God each and every day for this exciting and crazy life!


Soaking up Broadway


Meeting Mary of Happily Grey at Nashville Fashion Week


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