• Claire Kittle

Lake Como

Updated: Jul 2, 2020


Lake Como could quite possibly be the most sought out desirable location in all of Italy. For not only tourist, but Italian citizens as well. We were in Como at the beginning of August and traditionally, August has been the time for local Italians to take holiday and go North to the lake for almost the entire month! Now that’s my kind of vaca 😉 .

the terrace of hotel Palazzo del Vice re

We only stayed two nights, but in an ideal world I would plan for at least a 4 night stay in Como. We took Italia rail from Florence to Como and had a driver set up through our hotel (Palazzo del Vice Re) to pick us up from the train station. I would highly recommend setting up any transportation in advance. Como is a slow paced, carefree, relaxed paradise and accessibility from point a to point b from time to time can be an issue if you are not prepared. That being said, I actually loved the off the grid feeling it was so freeing. I’ve said it once and i’ll say it again there really is no place in the world like Lake Como. You have to see it to believe it and feel it to know what i’m talking about.

I first need to talk about Palazzo Del Vice Re, the hotel we stayed in night one. Please please please do me a favor and add this hotel to your bucket list. Nestled in the beautiful quaint little town of Lezzeno on Lake Como. Lezzeno is an up and coming paradise that accents the larger more populated towns of Bellagio and Varenna well. Honestly, Lezzeno would be my choice of town to stay in on the lake time and time again. I feel in order to truly appreciate the beauty of lake life you have to take a step back, unwind and unplug. Dare I say slow down! This is where Lezzeno and Palazzo del Vice Re really start to shine. The entire theme of this trip was to “live as a local” and at the Palazzo they really pride themselves on offering unique opportunities to do just that. So post up on their Il Cortile terrace over looking the lake, sip a fresh cup of coffee or a cold glass of white wine and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Owners Andrea and Alessandro were extremely hospitable to our entire party! We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to sit down with them and learn about Lezzeno’s history. On their hotel website they do an incredible job of educating about the town and the history of the Palazzo, I will link the exact page for all the information HERE.

Palazzo del Vice Re is made up of 6 unique living quarters all beautifully decorated in thought out details. We stayed in La Torre, a one bedroom apartment with full kitchen and living and the most incredible views of the lake.

So many thoughtful details during our stay, our welcome bottle of champagne

View from La Torre kitchen/living windows

The number one thing I wanted to do while we were in Como was go on a boat and the incredible people at Palazzo del Vice Re set up the most incredible experience for us on the water. Just steps away from the hotel at the edge of the lake is the dock to board your boat.

A boat ride on Lake Como is a must! We were out there for a few hours and it was one of the coolest experiences from our trip! Be sure to pack the prosecco 😉 The Palazzo has another stunning outdoor area they call the Lakeside Sun Terrace. A few steps away from their main dinning terrace this one offers unmatched lake front views and access to the private rocky beach below.

We ordered pizza for dinner one night which the amazing wait staff at Palazzo picked up and delivered to us on their sun terrace. This night was one to remember. I have vivid images captured in my mind and I refer to them frequently. That’s what this place is all about, beauty in simplicity.

Breakfast is served!!! Each meal you have here is homemade and from local ingredients. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and Italy did not disappoint me! The coffee and espresso for one is way better than anything you’ll find in America. One taste of that alone can set you up for a productive day.