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Turks & Caicos

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

Turks & Caicos has quickly sky-rocked to my favorite tropical beach location. This is one you should without doubt add to your bucket list!  Only an hour and a half flight away from Fort Lauderdale, FL. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


myself, and girlfriends Kelsey and Sara  had the opportunity to stay with three different villas and shoot content for their social media and websites. A DREAM.


Pro Tip: We found one way flights on Southwest from Nashville (BNA) to Turks (PLS) for $200! So stay as longgggg as you want 😉 going to with no return flight planned can be so freeing.

There’s no doubt Turks is a luxury accessible tropical vacation location, that being said there are certainly some things travelers must know before they get off that flight.


  1. fairly easy to get to. Especially from the midwest & east coast. (inexpensive flights)

  2. The most incredible BLUE water I have ever seen in my life. So clear you can see the white sand and the fish at the bottom.

  3. the whole island is about 30 some miles long so it’s easy and doesn’t take long to get to your villa or resort from the airport. Also fun to check out different parts of the island.

  4. The Villas and resorts found here are among some of the best in the world. With Turks being one the top choices for celebrities to get away, they know how to pull out all the stops for an unforgettable vacation.

  5. So many options to get on the water, from jet skis, to sailboats, catamarans, yachts, paddle boards, pretty much name it and you can rent it.

  6. Low humidity and the breeze off the coast is so refreshing .

  7. not a lot of nightlife, could be good could be bad, depending upon what you’re looking for! Very chill laid back island, be ready to stay at your villa or resort outside of being on the water.

  8. Many villas come with a chef and butler service as well as house keeping. If you’re in for spending some extra $$$ I would highly recommend having this perk. They will get all your groceries and prepare any meal you want whenever you want, as well as drinks. Worth the extra cost in my opinion.



  1. bugs! not sure if they are some form of mosquito, but they were all over us on day one and left their mark. We woke up with our legs covered in bites! insect repellent is a must, apply it just as much as you would sunscreen. Even if you cant see them, they’re around!

  2. Taxi service pretty much runs the island and they pick their own prices. Very expensive! If you are trying to explore the island at all I recommend renting a car or hiring a car service to take you around. Either option is cheaper than $25 or $35 a head one way!

  3. heads up if you rent a car, they drive on the left side of the road. Not super hard to adapt to because its island life so no one is in a hurry. There are no stop lights, only roundabouts. Again the island is small and theres only a few main roads so this isn’t a big con.

  4. Groceries are expensive! They also don’t last long in the fridge so only buy what you need! Our jaws about hit the floor when our chef at the second villa told us a gallon of milk is around $10!

  5. When researching your villa, make sure they have AC! I guess it’s not a priority for some villas to have that amenity for their guests. Some may also make you pay for it so just be aware of that. Remember this is an island so everything is a little more difficult for them to have access to.

  6. not a lot of nightlife, but if you’re not looking for that then it’s not a con! Very chill laid back island, be ready to stay at your villa or resort outside of being on the water.

  7. Not necessarily a con, but after the hurricane they had a few years ago there is a lot on the island still under construction or completely run down. The further you go inland away from the water the more things are run down, broken down, being rebuilt. There is low crime on the island but it’s definitely a shock as you’re passing these areas.


7 bedrooms, sleeps 14, 8 bathrooms, & pool

Located on Ocean Point drive, Chalk Sound, this villa has everything you could want. My absolute favorite part about it is the accessibility right into the ocean. There are stairs from the dock right into the water and you can walk in knee high water for about 100 yards. take your pool floaties and a cooler out and you could stay there all day! Thats my kind of vaca.

pink1 2

hammocks are always a huge plus, sitting on the second level deck, there’s a third level deck with views to die for.



this property has many decks and scenic views of the water! Below i’m standing on the furthest platform right out to meet the water.



Putting the welcome champagne to good use!

I LOVED this villa for its Tuscan vibe on the interior.


Stop #2

6 bedrooms, sleeps 12, 6.5 baths, fire pit, outdoor showers, newly renovated, 100 feet of ocean front

Located on Tranquility lane, Grace Bay, this luxurious villa is a showstopper! Literally every amenity you could ever want this villa has. An incredible chef & butler, stunning white and bright home, heated pool, fire pit, outdoor showers, outdoor lounge and bar area, and last but not least steps right into the ocean!


housed with its own bags game, green space and sand beach


at the bottom of the stairs leading to the ocean you will find this wooden platform. It looks from time to time there is an actual beach below, but the tide was so high the waves were washing all the way up to the stairs.

white beach 24
white beach

one of two balconies with seating/couches

white beach 16

my absolute favorite swim suit right now. incredible material, so soft, so stretchy, and well you know, snakeskin…… (heart eyes)

white beach 15

standing on the beach next door to our villa, take the stairs into the water and go left

white beach 9

white beach 10

main floor king bedroom with on suite, wheel chair accessible and my favorite decor.



two outdoor showers


Ocean front covered lounge space


Vici Dolls Cover up not the exact same one but similar. They are sold out of this one.


White Fox Swim Santa Monica bikini top : sold out of neon green right now

White Fox Swim purple suit: L’Escala Bikini top violet


An incredible golden hour and sunset


obsessed with these pants! So freaking long! I believe I purchased them from Revival in downtown Iowa City, cannot for the life of me find them online!

Stop #3

3 bedrooms, 4 baths, sleeps 6, Gazebo overlooking ocean, grotto taking you into the water, pool, kayaks

Situated in the south-coast of Providenciales in Silly Creek, 15 minute drive from the airport. This property has the best of both worlds, lush greenery surrounding the villas land but also an elevated view of the ocean and access to get right into it through the grotto.

IMG_4306 2

path leading from the pool to the gazebo, grotto & ocean

IMG_3063 2


Yellow bikini: Arabella Swim  Irela set


grotto with stairs from the gazebo into the ocean



Top: swimsuit from Fashionnova 

Pants: BCBG  pants in black

Shoes: Marc Fisher on sale at Nordstrom right now!


matching set: Vici Dolls sold out in this set but matching skirt is on sale


Three different villas in 5 days, countless memories and lots of photos to show for it! I love trips like these, a little bit of work and a little bit of play. Add Turks to your bucket list, no matter how you do it, you wont be disappointed on this island. Planning our next adventure, where should we go next!?

– Lettey

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