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Draft Day 2017

May 2, 2017

Last weekend was the 2017 NFL Draft and quite possibly the most stressful weekend of our life. You never really understand what it’s like until it’s your life, and you’re living it. You cannot grasp the kind of pressure these guys are under until you have the opportunity to witness it first hand. George got drafted on Saturday #146 pick overall, the second pick of the 5th round to the San Francisco 49ers!

Sports fans all over are so quick to judge and grade young athletes without even giving them a chance to prove their talent. I’m quite sure if it was their kid going through this process they would never even think of saying anything negative. 


Not that George was talked about negatively in any way but there were a few guys he happened to know who seemed to be getting criticized and you just feel for them during this whole process. I mean, I was stressed and anxious and nervous and it felt like George was the one holding me together instead of it being the other way around. He wouldn’t admit to it but you could tell he was nervous and very ready to just be done with the waiting game. The first round was on Thursday April 27th, second and third rounds were on Friday the 28th and fourth through seventh rounds were on Saturday April 29th. We were so ready for him to go on Friday that when he didn’t, it made for a rather sleepless night. Waking up very hopeful he would go quickly Saturday morning, again the anxiety set in. After no call and the fourth round coming to a close we were disappointed but kept the faith. Sure enough the San Francisco 49ers gave him a call and drafted him #146 overall as the second pick in the 5th round. Here come the tears……. I don’t know that there was a dry eye in that room as we were all so happy to be done worrying and so incredibly happy for George. His eyes lit up and he was beaming responding “yes sir,” “thank you coach!”  We’re going to Cali! There’s still a lot that needs to happen for him between now and the start of the season but he knows exactly what needs to be done for him to be on that final roster. He leaves for rookie mini camp this week, but it’s only for a few days. So crazy how we have been waiting months for this moment and now its full steam ahead onto the next adventure! But hey, we wouldn’t want it any other way! Again asking for prayers and well wishes for George as he continues to chase his dream! Go Niners!


Of course we had to run to Scheels and buy every last piece of 49ers gear!!!


He got this hat on his visit to the CA, the only visit he took before the draft. I guess it was fate!

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