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Back Porch Revival – Kinnick Stadium

September 12, 2016

I know it was a few weeks ago but I felt the need to talk about Kinnick Stadium’s first ever concert! This country girl was through the roof when I found out not only was there going to be a concert in Kinnick but it was going to be country baybayyyyy! Thomas Rhett, Big & Rich, Blake Shelton…… & Tucker Beathard! Talk about dying a happy man. I mean come on. The concert itself was unreal, as was expected for the first ever concert in Kinnick. My girl friends and I have become notorious for traveling to venues states away just to go to country concerts that we had already previously seen. To us it’s not about seeing the same show over and over again, it’s that each show and tour brings it’s own kind of excitement and experience. Not to mention road tripping with your best friends is hands down one of the best spontaneous decisions you can make in your young adult life. I can promise you hours of laughter, double-digit pee stops, and a carb overload to last you the rest of your 20’s.  No matter how many times we went to the same Kenny Chesney concert within the same Spread the Love Tour, or the No Shoes Nation tour, we always made unbelievable memories, literally. The amount of backstage passes we attained once in these venues are too many to count. I guess that’s what you get when you put a group of outgoing country-loving girls together in a football stadium looking up at some of the most famous country music artists of our time. To the ladies who gave me some of my favorite college memories, I love y’all! You know who you are. XOXO Lettey

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